Turn of the 19th Century Bicycling

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Bicycle Parade from Golden Gate Park to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition on the north shore of the city, 1915.

Bicycle Built for Two traditional song from the 1890s.

More than 5,000 cyclists (known then as "scorchers" for the amazing speeds they achieved!) blazed a trail about five miles long in a spectacular "Good Roads Rally." Over 100,000 lined the streets on Saturday night, July 25th, 1896, as cyclists demanded asphalt and improved roads in San Francisco. Many riders preferred local Velodromes during this era.

Cycling to the PPIE Fair 1915
Video: Prelinger Archive

October 1896 Parade


Early San Francisco bicyclists


Hugh D'Andrade cartoon of a bicyclist with an umbrella.

19th Century Bicycling: Rubber was the Dark Secret

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